Is it necessary to make a reservation for the Open Bus Tour?

If there are free seats available no reservation is required. On national holidays and during holidays we recommend a reservation because of high passenger numbers.
Open Bus Reservation Number: 092-734-2727 (Please mention that you own a Fukuoka Experience Bus Ticket)

Is it possible to use the Experience Ticket and the Fukuoka Nishitetsu Metropolitan Bus 1 Day Free Ticket at different days?

Yes it is possible. You can also divide the ticket to two persons. Fukuoka Nishitetsu Metropolitan Bus 1 Day Free Ticket can only be use at the appointed day the passenger scratched off.

Where is the bus stop for the Open Bus Tour?
Can I get off the bus at the tour?

Fukuoka Open Bus Tour starts at Tenjin Fukuoka City Hall (in front of it) and there are three courses available (Seaside Momochi Course, Hakata City Course, Fukuoka Night View Course).
Depending on the course, there are several bus stops where you can get off and on the bus as you wish.
※ Please note, if there are no free seats available no passengers can get on the bus

Is it possible to additional purchase just an Experience Ticket or a Fukuoka Nishitetsu Metropolitan Bus 1 Day Free Ticket?

The Fukuoka Experience Bus Ticket comes with set products. It is not possible to buy it parately.

I want to know more about the usable bus area. Furthermore, can I use the Highway Bus?

Please check the Bus Route.

Can I get a refund in case tickets are left over?

Depending on the set, the passenger can get a refund of unused ”Program Experience Tickets” and “Fukuoka Metropolitan Nishitetsu Bus 1 Day Free Tickets”.
Go to the ticket counter and hand your ticket plus a small fee.
A refund of an Experience Ticket is not possible.