About Fukuoka Experience Bus Ticket

It is a set ticket that allows you to enjoy Fukuoka more economically with a set of free one-day bus tickets and experience tickets that can be enjoyed with selectable programs.

Experience ticket 550 yen per sheet



You can choose from 1 to 10 and purchase

Redeem for a specific menu in the shop

One-day free ticket in Fukuoka city 1,200 yen per sheet

Adult 1,200 yen

Child 600 yen


Fukuoka City + Dazaifu Liner "Tabito" 1-day free ticket 2,100 yen per sheet

Adult 2,100 yen

Child 1,050 yen

Available area (click to enlarge)

Please note

  • Reservation

    ●Reservation deadline and reservation destination vary depending on the program. Please see the details of each program.

  • Cancel

    ●If you feel uncomfortable or want to change to another program, please contact us in advance to cancel. Please note that if you cancel without notice, the ticket may be invalidated.

  • Time required

    ●The time required is a guide. Depending on the program, it may take longer than the time required.

  • Refund

    Fukuoka City 1-day free ticket: Within the expiry date stated on the ticket surface, we will refund the amount less the fee (110 yen / piece) at the designated window only if it is unused.
    Program experience ticket: We will refund the fee less the fee (110 yen / piece) only if it is unused.
    * Designated window: Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal, Hakata Bus Terminal, Fukuoka Airport Bus Terminal (domestic / international), etc.