You can also use GoTo Travel regional coupons! Available locations: Bus Center (Nishitetsu Tenjin, Hakata, Fukuoka Airport), Fukuoka City Tourist Information Center

Experience tickets purchased before 2020 April can still be used.
Please note that the program before April will be applied.
Click here for program details before April


Men in their fifties

Living outside Fukuoka

I used it on a two-person trip with my wife. I was wondering where to go in Fukuoka for the first time, so I was very grateful to have a fixed program.

Women in their 20s

Living outside Fukuoka

I used it on a graduation trip with a friend. It has a one-day free ticket for the bus, so it was a perfect product for us who want to move around!

Women in their thirties

Lives in Fukuoka prefecture

I used it when my mother came to play from outside the prefecture. All the experience programs are cheaper than usual experience, so I felt like I got some benefit ♪

Men in their 40s

Lives in Fukuoka prefecture

I used it with my 5 year old son and 2 people. Not only the experience of the program, but also the traveling time such as changing buses, it was a good memory.